We strive to create opportunity for our people, clients and communities while preserving resources. We believe that sustainability is a sensitive balance between commercial success and a responsibility to society and the environment. As part of our own mission to establish this imperative equilibrium in our work and corporate culture, we have developed four key values to drive our approach:

  • To incorporate sustainability into everything that we do

  • To champion through leadership and innovation

  • To be a valued member of the business and global community

  • To conserve resources while growing our business

To help us deliver against these objectives we follow a sustainability framework across our business:

1. Organisation

Our management provides strategic leadership on the development of policies and frameworks for delivery. in addition, we have created a company-wide reporting mechanism that is providing us with the valuable management information for setting future direction.

2. Environmental

Implementation of the AMEE has significantly reduced the impact of our activities on our environment, yet we refuse to rest on our laurels. Determining accurate environmental data is enabling us to manage environmental impacts as well as increasing efficiencies; and a new online application across the business is continuing to improve these results. We continuously seek new ways to reduce energy, emissions, waste, water and unnecessary travel, across our business operations and for our clients.

3. People

We recognise that our business is built on the strength, wellbeing and diversity of our people. Our employees must be skilled, experienced, motivated and, most importantly, safe in order to ensure that we meet our business objectives. Our strong focus on performance and career management, learning and development, appropriate remuneration and benefits, and a healthy work-life balance is delivered through a coordinated HR strategy. The result of these initiatives, and the unerring commitment we have made to our employees, is a high level of employee engagement.

4. Clients

Maddox has been built on strong and enduring customer relationships. We pride ourselves on being a learning organisation and define processes, performance improvement and company development by passionately trying to get closer to, and work better with, our clients. By building quality relationships with our clients, we develop a shared understanding and a real appreciation of what the current and future needs for our services may be.

5. Supply chain

How our business operates in the marketplace and how we influence suppliers are key considerations in our approach to sustainability. As part of the new sustainability framework, environmental transparency, poverty avoidance, anti-corruption, responsible sourcing, ethics, and whole life costing are all essential to our alignment with clients; we work with forward-thinking customers and suppliers to achieve greater sustainability standards.
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